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Our market has made an amazing comeback in the last few years and property values are on lots of people’s minds. If it’s on your mind too, our free website service is a superior alternative to the home value websites such as Zillow. I use real-time, current and specific data to give you a custom valuation.

What Factors Need To Be Considered For Home Values Today?

Here is a quick list of some of the important items that need to be accounted for when putting a value on your home.

  • Recent Sales and Current Number Of Pending Properties

  • 3-6 Month Trend Comparisons Of The Active To Sold Listings In Your Area

  • Interest Rates

  • Buyer Outlook And Motivation

  • Property and Neighborhood Location Condition

  • Upgrades and Amenities

Get A No Strings Attached Custom Property Report

Get started by filling out the form below to receive your private, secure, and customized property analysis. Your property analysis will provide you with an approximation of what the value of your property is in today’s market. The analysis takes into account more than just taking an average of recent sales. I look at the whole picture.

Please remember, that my valuations are custom to YOUR property and aren’t instant. I will deliver it to you within 24 hours.

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